Suede Live in Barcelona: Gig Review

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British rockers Suede deliver a stunning performance to the crowd in Barcelona’s Sala Razzmatazz on Tuesday.

For the second time this year, Barcelona’s Britpop fans were treated to a delightful performance by the superb Suede.

Most popular for hits such as: “Beautiful Ones”, “Animal Nitrate” and “Killing of a Flashboy”, the band are currently on the road to celebrate the release of their latest album, “Bloodsports”.

Being Suede´s first release since 2003 promises huge interest amongst the hardcore fans, of whom would pray that Brett Anderson and company still deliver to previous standards. Delightfully so, Tuesday night’s performance lived up to their triumphant reputation from the 1990’s.

Opening the show with the tranquil “Still Life”, fans were eased into a melodic introduction to a charismatic show. The energy stepped up a notch with the beginning of “Barriers”, as well as with “It Starts and Ends With You”, “Trash” and “Animal Nitrate”, amongst many others.

Suede 2

The performance also boasted the first time that the band has ever played “Heroine” to a live audience, which left the crowd in awe…besides the loud conversations amongst the Spanish natives and the constant shushing from hardcore fans.

Highlight of the night definitely arrived in the form of “Beautiful Ones”, which drove every single crowd reveller into a frenzy. As Brett said himself: “If you bought a ticket to be here, then you should all know the lyrics to this one”, which could not be any more true quite frankly.


Brett Anderson still delivers an incredibly charismatic and intimate performance, as he did over twenty years ago. Dancing, interacting with the crowd and swinging the microphone like a circus performer, Brett definitely makes a complex performance appear second nature – Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best performers in the business.

For more information on Suede’s European tour, please visit their website. Their single, “It Starts and Ends With You” can be heard here.


Still Life
It Starts and Ends With You
Animal Nitrate
We Are the Pigs
Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
The Drowners
Killing of a Flashboy
My Dark Star
The 2 of Us
Heroine (first time ever played)
For the Strangers
So Young
Metal Mickey
Beautiful Ones


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